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Written by Mrs. A.

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Topics for Minor Projects

Written by URAGenius.

· Tr Transportation and Warehousing: Airlines, Buses, Trucking, Trains, etc. (CHRIS/ JUSTIN)

· Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting: Crop Production, Vegetable Farming, Fruit Tree and Nut Farming, Greenhouse and Floriculture, Animal Production (e.g., Cattle Ranching, Hog and Pig, Poultry and Egg), Forest Nurseries (SHANNON/DERRICK)

· Mining: Oil and Gas Extraction, Coal Mining

· Utilities: Electric Power, Natural Gas, Water and Sewage (ALEX/RON)

· Construction: Residential Buildings; Highways, Street, and Bridge Construction; Finishing Contractors: Painting, Drywall, Flooring (JAMES/BETH)

· Information: Newspapers and Book Publishers, Magazines; Record Production; Radio Stations; Libraries and Archives; Internet Publishing (MARC/JON)

· Finance/Insurance: Credit Unions, Credit Card Issuing, Mortgage Loan Brokers

· Real Estate, Rental and Leasing: Lessors of Residential Buildings; Real Estate Property Managers; Costume Rental; Videotape Rental (YADIA/EBONY/AMOYA)

· Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: Tax Preparation, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Photography Services (TATIYANNA/ DOMINIQUE)

· Education Services: Junior Colleges, Computer Training, Cosmetology Schools, Automobile Driving Schools (ETHAN/MARISSA)

· Health Care and Social Assistance: Child and Youth Services; Community Food Services; Elderly and Disabled Care (ERICA/JESSICA)

· Arts/Entertainment: Theater or Dance Companies; Artists, Writers; Museums; Amusement Parks and Arcades (MIKE/CRISTIAN)

· Accommodation and Food Services: Hotels and Motels, RV and Camping; Restaurants; Catering

· Public Administration (not available for opening your own business)